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Sims 4 - Spaceman Challenge

Live the absolute Midcentury Dream:

Become a Spaceman!

This challenge is about living as a midcentury family in a midcentury house, and foremost to become an astronaut and travel to space.

I play this challenge in a wonderful house of Devon Bumpkin:

This build inspired me so much, that I immediately wanted to play a challenge there. As traveling to space was an important topic in this time, I thought, it must be a Spaceman Challenge.

Here is my Youtube Playlist, where I play the Spaceman-Challenge.

This Challenge has only a couple of rules - to keep it simple.


Here are the rules of the Spaceman Challenge:

Create a couple in midcentury style.

Rules for the man

The man should reach the following goals:

Level 10:

  • Rocket Science
  • Handiness
  • Logik
  • Fitness

Aspiration: Nerd Brain

Job Level 10: Astronaut Ranger

More tasks:

  • Own a rocket ship
  • Improve the rocket ship to its max
  • Go at least on 10 space missions
  • Bring home an UFO plant and grow it in the garden
  • Travel to Sixam and bring home at least 10 planetary items

Rules for the woman

The woman should reach the following goals:

Level 10:

  • Homestyle cooking
  • Gourmet cooking
  • Baking
  • Painting


  • Painter extraordinaire or
  • Party Animal

More tasks:

  • No job
  • Having at least 10 friends
  • Throw one party every week
  • Children as she likes

And that's all the rules.

  • Money is not an issue in this challenge.
  • You can cheat yourself some money to pay for a house and the bills.
  • You may use every house you want, but i recommend a midcentury style house, best Devon Bumkins Midcentury Mansion (Origin-Id: DevonBumpkin)

Lots of fun with the Spaceman Challenge